SSL, which is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol which encodes the info that users submit on a website. If they input a username and a password on a login page or they acquire goods and services online and they type in their credit card information, the data shall be exchanged with the hosting server in an encrypted form, thus an unauthorized third-party shall not able to see it. An SSL certificate will increase the safety of your site and shall make it more appealing to consumers, but besides the cost for the SSL, you must spend extra money for a dedicated IP address, which is normally needed for the SSL installation. In case you have a modest e-commerce portal and your budget is tight or you are a part of a non-profit organization and you could find far better use for the money, you could avoid the additional expense by making use of our services as our cloud website hosting platform supports SSL certificates not just on a dedicated IP address, but also on a shared one.

Shared SSL IP in Shared Hosting

Given that we offer SSL certificates with our shared hosting packages, you can very easily secure your Internet site and use a shared IP address with only several mouse clicks. The option will be available during the order process, so if you have a dedicated IP, you'll be able to use it, but if you do not have one and you don't want to pay for this sort of a service, you can use the shared IP, that has been set up particularly for SSLs. The certificate will work in the very same way as if it had a dedicated IP and the sole difference shall be that if anyone tries to open the IP address as a URL, they won't see your site. As our system comes with an auto-configuration option, the SSL will be set up automatically the moment it's issued, so you shall not need to do anything on your end after you approve it. That way, you could have a risk-free and reliable site without having to spend more money for that.

Shared SSL IP in Semi-dedicated Servers

The shared IP option is available with all semi-dedicated servers and the setup takes only a couple of clicks in the hosting CP regardless if you order an SSL via our enterprise or via a third-party supplier. There will not be any difference in the way the certificate works or encodes the data which your website visitors submit, so your Internet site shall be secure without having to spend any additional money for a dedicated IP address. The one thing that will be different is that https://the-shared-IP shall not open your Internet site, unlike https://the-dedicated-IP, but it's highly unlikely that anybody shall ever try to access your site in this way rather than inputting your domain. In addition, we offer an auto-configuration option for the SSLs bought via our company and if you select it and you decide to use a shared IP rather than a dedicated one, our system will set everything up the moment the SSL is approved and issued without the need for any action on your end.